Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sustainable Transportation - A Trip to Balsa Melendo

Last Wednesday, May 12th the students from class 2B went to Balsa Melendo by bike; Mr. Mariscal, Mr. Oliva and Mr. Sánchez were the three teachers in charge of this succesful trip. This activity was part of an integrated unit on Sustainability within the bilingual group for 2º ESO.

The trip was really great; we had a sunny (but not very hot) day, so the weather conditions were perfect; then all the students and teachers had their helmets, light clothes, water and some food. We arrived in Balsa Melendo without any problem and then we continued for a few more kilometres. We had our fruit and sandwiches, we rested for a little bit and we came back to El Fontanal (the way back was upside, so it was a little bit difficult for some of us).

We also want to congratulate all the students for their excellent behavior during the whole activity.

To have a look at some great pictures, please see below.

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