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MORE ABOUT THE BICYCLE: The Leonardo da Vinci's bicycle.

This is a bit contribution from Social Studies 2rd Bilingual to the Integrated Unit: Suistainable Transportation which will be put into practise in these next days.

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As you know the 15th and 16th centuries were full of discoveries, science and modernity. Nicolas Copernicus, developed the heliocentric theory. Copernicus supported the Ptolemaic theory which maintained that the Earth was the centre of the Universe.

Other things were also discovered, such as the blood circulation by Miguel Servet, etc. In many cases the churches did not understand the new discoveries and accused them to the State. So, for example, Miguel Servet was killed by the Calvinists in Switzerland and Copernicus was rejected by the Catholic Church.
In this situation, in Italy, Leonardo da Vinci, the painter of the Last Supper in Milan or the Monna Lisa, was also a very important inventor. He was very interested in making machines for the war, flying machines, military inventions, and even the bicycle. But, was Leonardo the inventor of the modern bicycle? That is not the answer. Maybe he or his pupils designed a model of a machine whith two wheels, one handelbar, pedals… but it was never used it.
Read the following article published by the professor John Lienhard from the University of Houston about the Leonardo's bycicle. Click here

Then answer the followinq questions finding out the answers on the Internet if it is necessary.

1. Why is Leonardo considered as a "humanist man"? Remember the characteristic of Humanism and explain it?
2. Michelangelo was also painter, designer, sculptor, poet, architect... but, can you remember any invention of Michelangelo that appeared in the film which we watched in class? Try to describe it.
3. Read again the description made by the Professor Lienhard and try to draw what the Leonardo's bike was like.
4. Find out on the Internet more inventions of Leonardo and try to explain what they used for and how they worked.

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  1. Thanks, Miguel; I really enjoyed reading the article: that Leonardo was really amazing!